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Gentlemen, Start Your Engines - Laura DiBella's Three-Year Recap

NCEDB Executive Director, Laura DiBella, presents her three-year recap

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Pirates, Flags and Buried Treasure – Folklore of Amelia Island
Karen Schexnayder

Modern-day Amelia Island is known for its breathtaking beaches, world-class resorts, and historic charm, yet it’s the unwritten and often embellished history that is most intriguing. St...

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How Businesses Can Prepare for a Hurricane
It’s that time of year again here in Florida where residents and business owners are glued to their television or their phone watching updates and hitting refresh as they wait in anticipation...
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What is Workforce Development?
Karen Schexnayder
Developing the workforce in and around Nassau County is a challenging task that involves coordinating many different factors. Learn more about how we are developing our workforce in this article.
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The 8 Flags of Amelia Island
Laura DiBella
The history of Amelia Island dates back to the 1500s and is filled with excitement and conflict, and had no less than eight different flags flying above Amelia Island.
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A Guide to Starting a Small Business in Nassau County
Coming up with a new business idea is just the beginning. There are many steps to starting a business in Nassau County, which we have outlined here for easy reference.
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