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How Does Your Business Location Affect Your Ability to Recruit Skilled Workers?
May 30, 2017
Laura DiBella
In today’s constantly evolving business environment, the ability to recruit and retain skilled workers is a high priority. Depending on where your business is located, this aspect may be challenging to fulfill.  It is vital for companies to research all aspects of workforce demographics before ultimately deciding on a location for their business to call home.

Does location really matter?

Skilled workers want it all – the ability to work and play in close proximity to their neighborhood is the ever increasing trend.  Today’s modern employees see a lengthy commute as a disadvantage to their lifestyle, and studies show that the longer the commute, the worse the impact on an employee’s health and spirit.  Instead, employees prefer to work for organizations that can provide solutions to help them adapt and maintain a sensible quality of life.  Choosing to locate your business to an area where employees can also live comfortably and enjoy modern conveniences makes it easier for potential employees to see themselves working there.

Healthy work/life balance

In order to acquire and retain the right employees, a company should offer great work/life balance benefits.  Having incentives like flextime, telecommuting, gym memberships, daycare availability, company-wide picnics and socials all play a part in getting your employees to feel as if they made the right decision.  By implementing these types of benefits, the company demonstrates their appreciation for the work their employees do.

Cost of living and quality

When recruiting new employees, it is important for the company to recognize on behalf of their employees how a low cost of living affords more money for quality of life, in the form of an affordable home, travel and other activities to which enhances one’s well-being.  Nassau County is a great place to make it all happen.  Not only is there an abundance of competitively priced land, as well as, homes available in Nassau County, the proximity to the beach and other recreational amenities make it easy to enjoy weekends, holidays and other off-work time in the sun.

As parents, or someone looking to settle down and start a family, schools and neighborhoods are at the top of the list when a potential employee considers where to work and live.  If you have excellent schools close to work, this is a key factor that should be addressed in your recruitment and marketing strategy.  Nassau County has an A rated school district, which is consistently ranked in the top four school districts in Florida.  Students can journey from kindergarten to high school graduation while parents are assured, year after year, that their children are in good hands.  Further, if one decides, they can achieve a post-secondary degree and/or specialty certificates locally, as Florida State College Jacksonville offers one of its five campuses in Nassau County.   

Modern conveniences

Imagine rural living with modern conveniences.  Your employees get to enjoy life as it should be – uncluttered, full of green space and an environment that emphasizes the value and true meaning of “quality of life”.  Potential and current employees can have both in Nassau County.  Sandy beaches, scenic rivers, green spaces, plenty of golf, culture and the arts abound in Nassau County, as well as, these same amenities and more that are located just to our south in Jacksonville.

Businesses in Nassau County have all of these advantages to offer potential employees and more!  Fernandina Beach is just one selling point – there’s something to be said about having a hometown feel with a big city vibe.  For those transplants who come from major cities, this is a great respite that doesn’t detract from what they are accustomed to.

Partnering with developers to find out what they have to offer, as well as, the economic development board can provide insight into what the area has planned for the future.  It's hard getting and keeping the best and brightest.  This information would do well in marketing your organization, and will go a long way in demonstrating it can benefit current and future employees.
The NCEDB exists because of the generous support of the Nassau County Board of Commissioners, our local municipalities and economic development partners.
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